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June is National Men’s Health Month! As a sorority committed to community wellness, we urge all men to prioritize their health, get regular check-ups, and adopt healthy habits. Let’s support each other in leading healthier, stronger lives. 💪🏾





May marks Mental Health Awareness Month, shedding light on the journey of millions facing mental health conditions. Let's stand together, build understanding, break barriers, prioritize self-care, and foster support. 💚





Today, on #WorldHealthDay, we celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of the World Health Organization (WHO) almost 70 years ago. This year's theme, 'My health, my right,' emphasizes the importance of access to quality health services, education, and information for everyone, everywhere. Let's champion the right to a healthy life for all!






March marks not only National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month but also a time to spotlight mental health among Black women. Let's break the silence, break the stigma, and empower each other to prioritize both physical and mental well-being. Remember, colorectal cancer is preventable with routine screening. If you're 45 or older, speak to your doctor about getting screened. Together, we can raise awareness and save lives! 💙


Welcoming February with open hearts! February is American Heart Month, a time to prioritize our cardiovascular health. Let’s spread awareness, make heart-healthy choices, and show our hearts some love!


#HeartHealth #AmericanHeartMonth #GladesDST

Wrapping up January with a reminder: Cervical Cancer Awareness Month may be ending, but the importance of spreading awareness and prioritizing our health continues all year round. Let's keep the conversation going and empower each other to prioritize cervical health!


#CervicalCancerAwareness #HealthMatters #PhysicalAndMentalHealth #GladesDST

ATTENTION high school seniors! Are you ready to take your next step towards success? The Glades Alumnae Chapter Scholarship Application is officially live! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to invest in your future. Apply now, and let us help you achieve your dreams!

#GladesAlumnaeScholarships #InvestInYourFuture



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Let's find peace amid the holiday hustle! Here are 8 stress-busting tips to keep your mental health shining bright. Let's sleigh the season with self-care!

#HolidayWellness #MentalHealthMatters #StressFreeHolidays


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